King Rinalds

King Rinalds was the ruler of the kingdom of Errigal from (years TBA). He is a member of the Tannenbay Royal family, and inherited the throne from his mother Queen Luize.


His reign was characterised by peace and prosperity for the kingdom, with diplomatic ties with neighbouring nations established or strengthened and safety for the populace increased through a truce with The Pirate Isles and protection from the Orc raids from the Wastelands beyond the eastern borders. A charismatic leader, Rinalds favoured diplomatic negotiations over militaristic problem solving, and this philosophy spread through his influence to most of the continent, meaning most armies and navies are smaller than previous points through out history.

His anti-corruption stance won him the love of the people, and life for the commoners improved dramatically under his rule. Until her death a few years ago, his wife Queen Syrena devoted her life to reducing poverty throughout the kingdom, establishing orphanages, sponsoring trade schools and providing scholarships to the local university.

Rinalds and Syrena had five children:

  1. Prince Rainulf
  2. Prince Sandor
  3. Princess Diomira
  4. Prince Torsten
  5. Princess Jytte


Upon his sudden death, Errigal and surrounds was plunged into chaos, as his successor had not been declared and all five children vied for the throne, each backed by a group of powerful supporters.

King Rinalds

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